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Ghost Plane

I was thinking of all the strange things Ive seen, on one occasion I saw a Ghost Plane.

I was driving home from work one morning after a night shift, it was a bright summer Sunday morning at about 07:00, there was very little traffic on the road. I had decided to drive back through the country side as I often did, as I enjoyed the peace and quite, and the various animal and bird life I saw along the way.

I was driving up a single track country lane, when in my rear view mirror, I saw a plane, slowly crossing the sky, banking a little, I recognized the aircraft to be a Dakota as my Father is a plane buff and would often tell my brothers and I the names of aircraft we saw on the television, I remember the Dakota as it was often in the Indiana Jones films.

I thought there must be an air show on somewhere, I pulled up in a field gateway, got out to have a better view.

NO PLANE, I saw nothing, I got back in the car, and there it was still slowly crossing the sky, I turned my head to see out of the back window, nothing, then back to the mirror, the plane was now looking like it was about to land, I was watching it level out. Below it was a large patch of woodland. Im sure there are no airfields in the area, I thought it must be making an emergency landing, I watched a moment or two more then it just disappeared, totally vanished.

How very odd!

Below is a crude representation of what I saw

When I got home, I googled for any information on what I had witnessed, I found nothing. I looked for any possible aerodromes, none.

Today I thought of this sighting, I think it must have been in 2014/15. I googled again for any information.

Guess what, Im not the only one to have witnessed the Ghost Plane!

The screen shot below is from The Derbyshire Times

Yep, thats the sort of plane I saw, but the one I saw was mostly silver or grey, I remember the Sun light reflecting off the fuselage.

It was also featured in the Derby Evening Telegraph, many people had reported seeing a ww2 type propeller aircraft flying silently, then disappear.

The RAF made a statement saying it was actually them, flying Hercules aircraft in the area.

Ha ha ha ha ha...................Bull shit.

I know what I saw, I know the difference between a Herc and a Dakota.

Is the RAF messing about with Project Blue beam?