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A little bit about Ufo Joe

Hi there :) I'm just gonna keep this as simple as I can.

I was born in '76.

I can't remember much about my childhood just because I come from a split family and that affected ,I guess, my thoughts or maybe it's the brain that's trying to suppress something.

What I can remember is that throughout my entire life I was attracted to the unknown (no matter what we're talking about). I used to wonder deep into the woods by myself just exploring for no reason, just for the fun of it.

By the time I was 12 I started to get interested in Ufos and I started reading books (the old ones) about them and I only found myself more and more interested.

It made me wanna research more and more (through reading, internet came later).

I had my first sighting when I was 16.

It was a New Years party somewhere in Romania, and yes, we were allowed to party (good old days).

It was past midnight when a friend and I decided to go outside to take a leak :)

As we stood there he asked me.. -Did I drink too much or are you seeing that too? (Parents didn't know we were going to have alcohol-typical-)

I told him I saw it too and that he should not talk about it when we get back inside. It was a bright ball of light about 500-600 meters away, pretty big (about 3 cm from where we stood and that should be a few meters in diameter) it was changing all kinds of colors very rapidly and just stood there about 30 meters from the ground.

We didn't wait to see what it did because we didn't wanna cause suspicion and the others were waiting for us inside.

During that time I was ridiculed allot for my passion for ufos. It felt good to actually see one for real :)

I didn't see anything after that up until I turned 31.

I moved to Sweden the same year.

Sightings worth mentioning (so far):

2008 - Two orbs under thick clouds, great speed, no sound.

I have one of them on video, not much to look at, lasted 20 seconds. Location - western Romania.

2011 - Fake star - bright ,moving, stopping then stayed there for the whole night. Stars moved away like they do.This one didn't. I was up all night and checked it out from time to time. Location Stockholm. (more fake star like ,direction changing ones too the same year)

2011 - Golden Pyramid - huge one - I was out fishing with my wife kids and another family (kid free). As I usually do close to sunset, I looked as close to the sun as I could and to my surprise there it was just hovering at about 1000 meters in the air, a golden pyramid.

My wife and the others saw it too so I'm not imagining things :))) (good news) Went away at incredible speed. Duration 30 seconds,daytime Stockholm.

2011 - Flying ''peanut'' - Early in the morning, it crossed the highway throwing the brightest light I've ever seen to the ground like looking for something then flew away at great speed. Texture was also ''peanut'' like therefore the name.Location Stockholm.

2012 - Orb just standing there, got it on film.

Location Stockholm.

2013 - Three huge lights in the night sky, triangle formation standing still, I felt like they wanted me to see them.(Important)

Duration 10 seconds. The last two seconds were the best.

They started rotating very slow and then,one by one, they intensified getting like 10 times bigger and then disappeared.They were in outer so they must have been miles in size . Location Stockholm

These are the ones that remain unexplained to me as are many other sightings, kinda smaller but worth my time and of course ''joy givers'' :)

Being 40 now means that I researched for more than 28 years (time flies).

Last year (2016) In April-May I bought my first ever night vision P8079HP tube and I'm recording ever since.

I can say that there's allot of action here.

I got to see the sky in a different way plus that I started to ''filter'' daylight too.

There are strange appearances out there, there's no doubt about it in my mind.

I'm both a researcher and a skeptic and that helps me understand things from a neutral point of view.

I know it was not just a little but I just couldn't stop writing :)

Thank you for your time :)

The research continues, cheers!

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