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Some extra editing by MrGreyface of the object next to the Star Nunki.

Both MrGreyface and myself (Brian Paton) are trying to work out what this object is.

What we do know is that it's not a Satellite, or if it is, it's unlisted.

A Satellite check has been performed.

It's not a fuel dump by a Satellite, cause it's not a Satellite :)

It's not a Supernova because they have an initial explosion followed by hrs or even days of dispersion.

It's also not a Comet for the same reasons as a Supernova.

It's been suggested it could be a water droplet on the lens.

I find this highly impossible, as the water droplet would have to be minuscule. Also neighboring Stars are not effected by the droplet.

But having said that, I will be doing a water droplet and water mist test on my lens to confirm yes or no. As soon as the clouds go away and I can see Stars again.

So keep coming back for more info.

Cheers BP.

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