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Some people see things others do not, if we manage to capture them on a

camera then it is only then that we can show others what we see, but only as a digital image captured by a device that see's differently to the human eye, but reproduces an image that the “normal's” believe to be a near perfect representation of what was in the field of view at the time of the apparatus being operated. Unfortunately the camera cannot record the atmosphere of the psychic nature of the event.

Throughout my life I have seen paranormal and UFO related "things" not

always ocular images, sometimes the image is produced in my minds eye, as one would picture a memory, but with more detail. As this occurs the image and feelings are backed up in the physical world with odd events, such as levitation of objects or audible speech and sound, activity associated with a poltergeist for instance.

However I also see things with my eyes, rarely in the center of view, most cases I see something with my peripheral vision. Objects such as orbs, flashes in the sky or strange shadows are the more common.

I have seen many weird things, things I can not explain. When I first started seeing them I thought I was going mad, its a very strange thing that goes on in your mind, these encounters usually happen when you are alone, so there is no one to verify with, no one to give support. So you think you must be seeing things. You ponder "did that really happen?"

So I decided to try to get something on film, not to show people UFO's or Ghosts, but to prove to myself I was not insane. That's why I started my YouTube channel.

On occasion I get a sort of mental message, telling me something is about to happen, this has allowed me to look in The right area, for a UFO to appear.

I have seen some bizarre things with this messaging system.

I once saw a huge triangular craft hovering above a electricity pylon in a field. Easily the size of two football fields. It hovered motionless, hanging in the dark sky. The craft was black with small amber yellow lights. I went to get a camera out of my car, when I got back it zipped off into the night. No pictures! but I was not alone, someone was with me so I KNOW it happened.

However on one occasion I did get pictures! not a triangle, but something that looked like the Probe in Star wars, the one Han and Chewy try to destroy on Hoth.

Whilst driving home from work, one day I got a "message" to drive through the countryside, to a specific destination. On arrival I saw this

The object hovered above the tree line, there was no sound, I only had a cell phone camera, so managed to get three shots, I thought I would drive closer to it, I had to drive down a small hill then back up, when I got to the top, the object had gone.

My eyes picked out more detail than the cell camera, it was a few years back now so the only phones I could afford came with poor camera's, but at least you can see there IS something there!

Here is a video I made using the pic's

I worked mostly nights back then, so the images were taken early in the morning, not another person around.

As I worked nights, I often saw strange things in the sky, not massive space ships but strange lights, some gliding slowly through the night, others zipping by. So I decided to buy a night vision monocular, I could not afford much, still can't. I bought a second hand Bresser 5x50 monocular. A digital device that allowed me to record via the video out. I started viewing the night skies, to see what was up there, without the aid of the messages.

I mostly saw what is referred to as Orbs, now this is a complicated subject as even though we can clearly see them in our night vision, we are told by the armchair brigade that they are Satellites. When sky watching I use various online sites and program's to identify whats in the area of sky I am filming. So I only published an Orb video to YT when I was happy there were no Satellites in the area at the time of recording, this is not to say they were not Military Satellites, as we civilians would not be shown their orbits. But there are supposed to be thousands up there, space junk too.

So why don't we see hundreds, and why are the ones we see zipping along, sometimes making right angle turns!

Is the "Satellite" answer a red herring, a theory to keep the armchair pundits happy, to keep us from a secret truth?

I kinda think so!

When you observe these objects first hand, its very difficult to see them as Satellite's. I thought Satellite's were synchronized to orbit, to be above our cities or country's to ping off data between the surface and other Satellite's, not race around the sky at incredible speeds, but then what to I know : )

Satellites, really?

So what this then?

Is this a Satellite too? Yet this must be a top secret Satellite as it is only visible through NV!

And this, is this a Satellite landing in the field behind my house?

Back to my messages,

One night I got a "message" to look a certain direction, I work in Security so have the use of the CCTV system, I looked over the area I felt directed to, I saw this

This object was also invisible to the naked eye, it was very interested in a patch of woodland. Here is a close up of the object

Yeah, your right, that's a satellite too!

What really annoys me about the armchair brigade is they automatically assume that a UFO is an Alien Space craft.

Idiots, a UFO is a Unidentified Flying Object. We dont know what it is so its UNIDENTIFIED! But if people are continually ridiculed by armchair idiots, we will never identify these things because people wont want to hunt for them. So shut up or put up, get out your chair and look!

Get some footage, send it to IUFO, join and lets figure out what these things are, together.

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