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A bright flash over the Moon's Surface

This flash was recorded over the Moon's face on 19th August 2016 while filming in infrared.

Having contacted NASA's Meteor Lunar impact monitoring program called "Marshall space flight center" I received an email from the head supervisor Robert Suggs stating that the flash was not from a Meteor impacting the Moon's surface.

But was possibly a reflection from a satellite.

Dave Greg an amateur Astronomer from New Zealand, loaded up a very large database of satellites and space junk into his starry night program to check if there were any satellites etc. transiting the Moon's surface in my area at that precise time that night.

But nothing showed up 20 minutes either side of the time recorded.

So that puts this "flash" into the UFO category.

MrGreyface kindly searched through my video and found what is possibly a solid object either causing the flash, or avoiding the flash. You can be the judge. MrGreyface's editing is included after the original recording.

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