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How to build a Night Vision tube for recording with a video camera using a P8079HP Gen 1 Intensifier

You can buy a night vision gen1, 3 stage intensifier tube from

And make your own casing to house the tube in. Approx 70mm.

A bigger diameter tube will require packing of the tube to keep it snug.

This is what the tube looks like when you buy it. Minus the wires.

I originally bought a larger battery box to also house the voltage regulator.

But these tubes don't need a regulator.

They only use 6volts.

And have a voltage overload switch built in.

The battery box will require a switch too.

This is the viewing or camera end of the tube.

Depending on which camera you use, depends on how far from the tube your camera will sit.

This is the input end.

This is where the lens will be fitted to.

You have to trial how far the lens sits from the input window.

I ended up using a cctv size 50mm wide lens.

I covered mine with felt to help keep the tube warm.

All this wiring is not


You only need the batteries to the switch.

Almost completed.

I used a loupe originally.

But replaced it with just the camcorder.

Completed and ready to record the night sky.

If you have any questions, just ask me in the comments section.

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