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Apr 25

Odd reflective thing very high up


A Video By Brian Paton


It looks very interesting here. I've done a split screen video with the moon and the object to compare the rate of speed they both have. I will let you know when it's ready. Yt was being awkward today. Its still in draft mode and it won't let me publish it for some unknown reason.

Ive looked at the video frame by frame, the object imo seems to be the source of the light instead of it reflecting. It seems to be a triangular shape, flashing each corner in a clockwise rotation, then all 3 together, perhaps mimicking a twinkling star.









Very interesting observation Mr G. I thought it could have been a Star based on the speed it was travelling in relation to the Moon. After all it was approx. 1/2hr before sunset.

But I would expect the Star to be in focus too since I was focused on the Moon.

And with my knowledge of recording through a telescope, if the Stars are in focus, then so is the Moon.

So I have no clue what it is. Thanks for your time on the analysis.

Very interesting capture! It's waaaaay up there whatever it is 🤔👍

Apr 30Edited: Apr 30

Hi Darren, hows it going

@MrGreyface Hi Mr G, good thanks, I'm still here! Starting to get a bit more time to myself now after sorting out my new house that hasn't been touched for nearly 20 plus years. 👍😊

@Darren Ashmore Good to know your still about, Im in a similar situation, new house and missus that wants everything changed, its like the forth bridge.

New Posts
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1TE7csqdpCU This is my recording of the "famous" Luna waves first discovered by crrow777 on youtube. I don't believe what he said they were, a facade or hologram of the Moon, nor do I think the Moon needs resetting from time to time. What I think they are, are Solar magnetic waves that come from ejections from the Sun. these ejections if aimed straight at us on Earth can actually take down communications wifi etc. for a short while if strong enough. Some say these corona mass ejections can also cause Earthquakes. I don't claim to know much about anything, but I did read up on a space physics document that explains in a rather scientific way how the Solar waves happen and how they affect us and our Moons surface. I won't say anymore than that, you read for yourself :0) **WARNING** can be difficult to understand : ) https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BwxhnHUKLnTHYi1leXFobWZsak0
  • Recorded 21st Oct 2018 at 8:39pm to 8:42pm AEDT From Narre Warren Australia. The camera, a Sony alpha 5100 was set to record all night at 20 sec exposures every 20 or so seconds. I was trying to record Orionid Meteors or the Meteors from the Hailey's Comet tail in the NE sky. I knew the Moon would be a problem, but I needed the time exposure to see the Meteors. I don't normally set the camera up to do 20 sec exposures while the Moon is around, But I do use those settings quite often when it isn't around. Normally the settings would be 5 sec at 800 iso. Not 20 sec at 400 iso like in the video. But just after I set up the camera within a couple of minutes, this strange dark object went across the sky. Each photo is 20 seconds worth of continuous recording. I have many bats crossing my sky at night and I rarely ever see them because they are too fast and the camera can't capture their speed at the slower exposure. But I thought I'd do some experiments anyway. While conversing with MrGreyface we decided I would stick black socks onto a long 4 mtr pole (fishing rod) and try to work out distance and speed. I could only hold the socks up about 1 mtr above the camera because the all sky dome is already 4 mtrs above ground level. I held the rod up there until my arm could no longer hold it and the results were dismal. Not sure if because the Moon drowned out the sky, but the camera couldn't see the socks very well. Which means that whatever the dark shadow thing is, it was around long enough, or was big enough to register on the camera. Although, last night the 24th Oct, the Moon was full, on the 21st Oct it was 3/4 full. That may make a difference. I set up other cameras as well last night to do my normal timelapses and included one of them in my experiments. Results are in the video. I have a siesmic device that measures earth tremmors and pressure changes in the atmosphere. It is situated under my observatory. I was inside my observatory setting up my telescope straight after I set up the allsky camera to record the Moon. In the video I show results but they are marred by my movement in the observatory. Check the video :o) MrGreyface also mentioned birds and murmeration The birds seem to change shape as they fly around. This shadow thing kept its shape throughout. So if anyone knows what I'm looking at, let me know please :) We are approaching Summer now (middle of Spring). The weather is warmer. I doubt birds or animals are migrating anywhere. They'd be nesting. Heres the video:
  • I filmed a strange image in a mirror, the room was dark, I used a IR night vision device.
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