My experiences.

By Brian Paton



I grew up in Richmond Melbourne Australia.
I can't remember any ghostly experiences as a youngster.
But there was a  certain thing I could do.
I could put my eyes or my sight into another persons eyes or sight.
For example, One day on the way home on a tram I was sitting diagonally opposite a person.
Man or Woman, it didn't matter who, but I could see through their eyes what they were looking at.
I was even looking at myself providing the person was looking at me too.
Being on a tram for 15 to 20 minutes, gets very boring as a kid, so I used to concentrate on seeing what other  people were seeing.
Also deja vu. wow! did I have that good. To the point where I said what the person was about to say as they said it.
As I got older other things clouded my mind and I stopped practicing both those things.

I've never been afraid of the dark.
I've never had anything to be scared of, and can't remember having invisible friends or otherwise.
I did my apprenticeship as a furniture maker in Windsor,Prahran Melbourne at the age of 15.
I can always remember just out of the corner of my eye I could see a tall man in a long trench coat staring at me or looking around the factory.
My boss's were brother's and was a family business handed on from their Father.
I eventually asked one of the boss's if their Father wore a full length trench coat when alive? And he said "yes"  I said to him that I have seen your Father on several occasions here in the factory. And he said he had too.
That experience didn't scare me at all. He felt welcoming to be there or for me to be there too.
At that workplace we also had what we called a "hopper monster"
Being a solid timber workplace, we had a chute/hopper  where all the timber shavings and dust would get sucked up into and when full a truck would back under it and we'd open the hatch and let the dust empty into the truck.
But to make sure it was completely full sometimes me or another apprentice would have to open the side door and go inside it to push all the dust etc. to the sides and allow more dust to fill it.
But while inside this hopper, sometimes we would feel something touching us.
One day there I locked the other guy in and he went absolutely spazzo on me to open that door, saying that something was touching him in the dark. I knew it was there lol.

As I grew older  my parents bought a holiday house down at Phillip Island and we went there almost every weekend.
The house was built by the original owner. But wasn't completed possibly due to him dying before he could finish it.
The walls inside weren't cladded. But we eventually finished it all.
One weekend my Aunt and cousin (girl) came to stay the weekend.

My  cousin was into some freaky shit.  Ouija boards you name it, she was into it.
I can remember one story she told me that in her bedroom she had painted the walls black.
She and a girlfriend of hers were mucking around calling to anything in their presence to make themselves known.
She said a little light appeared on the wall and started moving around by itself.
She said they had it going up and down, left and right all over the place.
They eventually got bored of the little light and asked it to show itself.
The robe door opened and a little gnome looking thing came out of it.
They both screamed and her Mother, my Aunt came racing in asking what had happened.
After they told her, the next morning the walls were painted white.

Well this night my cousin had a Ouija board with her. And her Mother and our Mother didn't know.
So my sister, cousin and myself are in the back room using this Ouija board.
I'd never used one before so it was going to be interesting for me.
I can't remember the questions my cousin was asking, but I know my family had a dodgy past. And there were secrets us kids weren't allowed to know.
These were the questions my cousin was asking. I felt the glass moving and I looked at my sister to kind of say "yeah she's pushing it eh?" Our cousin was pushing the glass is what I assumed.
We got answers to the questions. And later my cousin told her Mother and her Mother said "how did you find that out?, You're not supposed to know that"
My cousin said "the spirits told us."

I'm still not sure to this day if she was pushing that glass or not, but she found out stuff we weren't allowed to be told. I can't even remember what it was about. All I know is we had a relative that was a Madam. Run a brothel.
I guess that was not good back in those days. But Doesn't worry me lol.

After that night I started to experience weird feelings in that room. Apart from the main front bedroom which was my parents room, the back room was the only other room to sleep in as well as the fold down couch in the large open lounge room.
There were things that came to me in that room. Whether they came to see me or just entered that room, I'll never know, but they were there many nights.
Also outside the window I could hear footsteps. No one was out there creeping around.
I think the builder had come back.
That was about the time I started to be scared of the dark, the unknown, the unseen. But I knew they were there.
I could feel them. Actually I didn't want to see them. I'd pull the covers over my head and pray they'd go away.

Eventually I got old enough to get my drivers license and car and take off on my own to where I wanted to go.
I was down at the Phillip Island house with mates one weekend and I'd drink a lot of beer before I slept in that back room so as not to experience anything.
But one morning when we woke up, there was a couple, a boy/girl sleeping on the fold down couch saying that they were laying there talking when suddenly the back door sounded like it opened.
The back door had this old handle on it that rattled when you turned it, so you always knew when someone was opening the door.

So the door opened, but it didn't, then they heard footsteps over to the back of the couch where they were lying then the steps went to the side of the fridge stopped and then back towards the back door and the door appeared to open and close again. But nothing was seen.
We figured the builder must have died there.
My parents eventually sold the house when they retired. I never went back.

We had moved to Burwood during this time. Into a very old house.
My Father was the first to say he was seeing a "blue cushion" floating in his bedroom.
Not every night, just some nights.
The rest of the family said " oh you been drinking too much again ha ha "
The blue cushion eventually turned into an elderly woman in a blue dress.
In through the door, out through the window. No one got scared of her.

The telephone was right outside my parents bedroom. Of a night when my parents had gone to bed and I'd be on the phone chatting to girlfriends and I'd get this cold chill through me. I recognized that feeling straight away, Said goodbye and got off the phone as quick as I could.
My room was down the back. We also had a bungalo which my older brother stayed in until he moved out.
My sisters room was just around the corner from my parents room.

I had a really odd dream one night in my room.
I woke up and was in a big room with very large windows 2 stories high. I was in my bed and besides me was a large open fireplace. In my real bedroom the fireplace has been covered over with cement sheeting.
My bed is shaking and thumping up and down and my sheets and blankets are being pulled off my bed sideways.
My bed is against a wall on my head end and left side.
The blankets are being pulled to the left side. Suddenly a loud deep voice says " get out!"
I can only remember yelling back at it "fuck off" Then as I woke up, my Father yelled out, "is everything ok?"
I must have actually yelled "fuck off" out loud.
It was then I realized all my sheets and blankets were under my bed on the left side where it was against the wall.
WTF!? How'd they get there?

Had many odd feelings out there in that room but just tried to ignore them and sink under the blankets.
My ex when we were dating stayed over one night. By this time I had moved into my sisters room when she moved out.
I had very peaceful nights sleep in that room. No effect at all.
This night when my ex stayed, I never told her about the back room, otherwise she may not have stayed.
Besides, not all people can feel these "things"
This night however, she came racing into my room screaming there was something in the room with her.
She could hear something sort of dragging across the floor towards her. As it got closer she decided to get up and run through it to my room.
We didn't bother going to look that night. Best wait til morning. :)
Just to verify the ex's experience.
The dog we had used to sleep under the house, but since we built a new doghouse for it, it now slept in the  carport in it's house and the access door to under the our house was locked. So it wasn't the dog.

My Mother has seen a ghost as well in that house. She definitely had a talent too.
While my second eldest Brother was in the UK for twelve Months my Mother got up to use the toilet as she came out from the toilet and was in front of my bedroom door, she looked towards the kitchen and saw a young man standing there looking past her and through the rear sliding door windows. He then turned around and walked back through the kitchen cupboards.
My Mother thought something had gone wrong with my Brother overseas, but all was ok.
Must have been a different ghost.

However when my Sister was over in New Zealand and was driving late one night along those thin windy wet roads in the mountains, she skidded off the road and rolled down a five hundred foot embankment, down onto an old fire trail.
As she was rolling over and over she was screaming out to my Mother to help her. At that specific time my Mother woke up and knew she had had an accident of some sort and tried to contact the people she was staying with over there. Unfortunately being so late back in those days you couldn't get much help.
No one knew where she went off the road and couldn't find her. She stayed in the car, was slightly injured with cuts and scratches and waited for help to arrive as it was too cold to walk for help.
Eventually later the next day a fire patrol man came along and found her. Even he said she was lucky, he didn't normally check those trails for months until the hot weather. But for some reason just had to that day.


Not all these experiences have been scary or spooky.
Before I met my ex when I was about 22yrs old I owned a Holden Panel van. My sisters car needed mechanical repairs and we knew of a mechanic who operated from Phillip Island two and a half hours away.
So I decided I would organize a weekend away with a couple of friends and tow my sisters car down there on a tandem trailer.
I'd never towed a car or trailer before so I asked my mate who was a tow truck driver to drive my car for me.
So it was all planned.

On the Saturday morning I went to the service station to pick up the trailer. I got the lead for the lights etc. and towed it back to our house.
For some unknown reason I became in a very bad mood. I had a great weekend to look forward to but something didn't feel right. I know I wasn't keen on towing the trailer, but I had my mate doing it for me. So why was I shitty?
Anyone who spoke to me I jumped down their throats. And that is not me.

We loaded the car and winched it up. I didn't have any ropes or ratchet straps, the straps were unknown in those days. So all that was holding the car on the trailer was the winch.  In hind sight probably not a good idea but my mate said all was ok. So I trusted him.
I was offered a ride on the back of a motorbike but refused, two and a half hrs on it would kill my arse.
So instead sat next to my mates girlfriend in my van next to the door. She sat in the middle.
I was still in a shitty mood and still couldn't work out why.
We set off down Burwood hwy everything was going ok, probably got about three klms when suddenly the trailer started swaying left to right.
My mate decided it was best to accelerate rather than brake and jackknife the whole lot.
But it got worse, apparently the tire hit the center median strip on the hwy and ripped the tyre from the wheel rim.

It happened pretty quick, I could feel the rear of my van jumping up and down as the trailer was swerving left and right and I could see it in the side mirror almost hitting my door.
My sisters car was hitting each side of the trailer as it did so making the matters worse.
The next thing I know we are skidding sideways and the van starts to tip up about to roll over.
At this stage I've got my hand on the door handle trying to open it to get out. Unfortunately, I had my seatbelt on  so I wasn't going anywhere.
Thankfully, the van came crashing back down onto its wheels and we came to a halt sideways across the 3 lane hwy.
I couldn't see out the back of the van to see how my sisters car was and people passing in their cars were yelling and screaming at us. I was still in shock a bit but I couldn't understand why they were yelling. My mate was a big bloke and yelled back and challenged them to come and have a go. But they kept driving.

After all the cars passed, we were able to drive to the nearest side street and check the damage.
We got out, me and his girlfriend shaking a bit but recovered pretty quick cause we were ok.
My sisters car had a few extra dents in the sides of it and it was hanging over the edge of the trailer. The winch had slipped, but it still held.  That was lucky.  The trailer had almost ripped the wiring from my van.

The other mate on his motorbike said it was like watching a movie, the trailer was swaying so far left to right, the vans arse end jumping up and down and then everyone backed off on the hwy expecting something bad is gonna happen. The mate driving my van jumped in and said " I had to do a handbrake turn" That's when you pull the handbrake on but not the foot brake. It locks the rear wheels up but allows you to steer with your front wheels.
The biker mate said he was gutsy. he wouldn't have done it, too much of a chance to roll it. But the driver mate said he had no choice, he just waited until all the cars had backed off and did it. Seems I picked the right driver anyhow.

Apart from that all seemed good. So we drove forward quickly to drop my sisters car to the ground and went back to the service station to get a new trailer as well as abuse the operator for a dodgy wheel on the trailer to get our money back. They just said it was our fault I didn't check the pressure in the tyres. Maybe, But they should maintain too. We kept their cable as a nuisance to them.
So after that crazy morning I was now in a good mood. Even after nearly ending up in hospital.
It was then I realized someone or something was trying to warn me of a potential bad event.
I can't explain the bad mood feeling. It was a feeling never felt before, but was so overwhelming.

I wasn't to experience that feeling ever again until I had my two young kids with me after getting divorced from my ex.
The kids were five and three yrs old. I was at my Mothers house in Burwood, my Mother wasn't there at the time I had to take the kids home, but her car was.

It was raining outside and I knew my tyres weren't the best in the rain.
When it came close to taking them home I got that overwhelming shitty mood feeling again.
But this time I recognized it straight away. And that worried me even more because I was getting a warning about a potential bad event while I've got my two kids with me. Possibly a Parents worse nightmare.
I took heed this time. Thought about the weather conditions and decided to take my Mothers car instead of mine.
Strapped the kids in good and set about getting them home safely.

I always drove slower while I had the kids on board so I wasn't concerned with that, But I just had to be very weary of everything I did and looked around everywhere for what could make my day worse.
Always thinking, looking, what's gonna happen? I know something will eventually happen but what?
That's the worse part.

We traveled along Warrigal Rd. from Toorak Rd and got to Homesglen where there was a supermarket on the left hand side corner over the intersection. The traffic lights changed in my favor and I crossed the intersection carefully when suddenly a car shot across the road from the supermarket car park and drove straight in front of me.
I braked and swerved at the same time just missing the car, thankfully there were no cars next to me because I had no time to look. The kids hit their heads on the windows of my Mothers car and were crying, but were ok.
I thought about if I were driving my car we wouldn't be so lucky in my slippery tyres.
I felt the ease of that shitty mood come away from me and realized that was the warning I had anticipated.

I thanked whoever it was that warned me. And got the kids home safely.
I've never felt that feeling since then. And my kids are 23 and 21 now.

It interests me a lot that someone or something can predict the future. But also, the future can be changed with a warning given. If only the scientist who invented the atomic and nuclear bomb had been warned to stop his experiments. But perhaps they didn't have a guardian Angel to warn them like I did.


When I was about 20 yrs old I moved into a flat in St Kilda with a couple that had a baby.
I had my own room and privacy so that was ok. The Girl was kind of a spirit type person who could feel when things were present. Like I could. But I think she was more open to it unlike me who didn't want to know about it really.
I got her to come around to my Mothers house and tell me which room she felt a presences in.
She picked my Parents room and my old room out the back. So she was right. I didn't tell her anything.

While staying with them for a few months her other half was a melancholy type person who had to clean the flat/unit every day. Drove me crazy him vacuuming every weekend when all I wanted to do was sleep after being out all night.
This one Saturday morning however I woke up and heard someone talking like they were in my room. Then I heard a knock on my bedroom door and thought it was the dude wanting to vacuum my room and I yelled "come in"
But no one came in or answered. So I got out of bed thinking maybe he felt weird I was in there in bed, although that never stopped him before.
But when I went out the door no one was around. He had gone to the shops and she was changing the babies nappy in their room.
So I asked who was talking and knocking on my bedroom door? She said she knew nothing about it. It wasn't her.
I told her what happened and she said, must have been spooks cause she gets touched now and then by something in the flat.
That's the only time anything happened to me there.

This is the experience that changed everything!

While being engaged to my future ex wife, we went up to Melton in the Northern suburbs and stayed at my cousins house with her and her husband and young kid one weekend.
Like I've mentioned earlier, my cousin was into some strange stuff. I'm not sure she knew exactly what she had got herself into. But she was a very strong willed person and didn't take crap from anyone or anything.

Unfortunately though I did and was very sensitive to the shit she was into.
At dinnertime we sat around the table talking about the seances and Ouija board sessions she'd had there at the house.
How her husband that didn't believe in that shit after being touched by these spirits or whatever would swear at them and tell them to fuck off and then the glass would lift off the table and smash against the wall.
And about how the toilet roll holder in the dunny was a radio that hadn't had batteries in it for years started playing music one night.
And still he didn't believe, he just laughed about it.

Well this night after deciding me and my fiance would sleep on a mattress on the lounge room floor we all went to bed.
It was completely dark in the house.
And as usual after getting comfy I had to go to the toilet, which was up the passage past my cousins and her Sons bedroom. I walked up the passage and saw that my cousins Son had a night light on in his room. And probably like most kids, he was afraid of the dark.
I made it to the toilet, I can remember looking at the radio dunny roll holder, hoping it wouldn't turn on for me. :) It didn't.

But as I walked back down the passage to the lounge room, I looked into my cousins Sons room again and saw what I can only describe as a very black dark person shaped entity standing at the head end of my cousins Sons bed looking at him.
As I looked at it looking at the child, it turned it's head to be looking at me. It didn't have a face, but I could tell by the movement that it turned to face my way and realizing it saw I was there, that sent shivers up my spine and all my hairs stood up on end.
I quickly headed back to my future ex wife's side on the mattress and laid there under the doona cover hoping whatever I saw would go away and leave me alone.
Unfortunately it didn't. I knew I couldn't sleep after what I had seen, and I was getting the cold shivery feelings and knew it was in there with us. Those shivery feelings came and went, so I knew it was moving around the house.

I even turned the stereo on and turned the volume right down, that was next to me so that I could see the little red led light instead of complete darkness.
I always used to sleep on my back in those days. And I know what it feels like when the doona settles down onto my body.
 I was laying there hoping this thing would rack off but I felt it walking up the mattress in between my legs.
At that point I jumped up, turned the light on and in a highly scared stuttering voice said "I can't sleep here, there is something in here with us and it's trying to get me"
I then knocked on my cousins bedroom door and entered when told to and told her what had happened.
The first thing she said was "I knew it" she said "People who have slept in her Son's room have heard footsteps down the passage of a night"   All I could say was while still stuttering and in shock " Thanks for letting me know, you know I'm sensitive to this shit. Well I'm not sleeping in here tonight, I'm going to my van to sleep where it can't get me"
So me and the ex went to my van and I locked the doors.

I thought to myself, it can't get to me here because my van wasn't in it's space when it was alive, therefore, it can't touch me!.
That was about the only thought that kept me sane that night.
For as long as I can remember being awake. And that's about three to four hours, that thing did not leave me alone.
About every five to ten minutes there would be a "tap tap tap" on my vans back window, and a "thump" on the side of the van where my head was. I had no hope of sleeping or ignoring this "thing" I was even busting to go to the toilet again but not before the sun rose. And when it did rise, I was out there in the vacant paddock next door relieving myself. Finally I got some sleep.
I couldn't speak to the ex about it really, she wouldn't understand. Only my cousin did.
I was still pretty uptight the next morning. It still felt like something was there in the house but I ignored it and then we left later that day for home.

As I was about five klms out of Melton heading home, I felt a great ease come over me. As if whatever had clung to me had let go. I felt a great weight lift off my shoulders. And it felt good to know something was gone.
That was short lived though, about a week later at home in my Mother's house it all started again.
And I though "oh no!" not here!. I can't escape this place.......yet!
I rang my cousin and even told my Mother and they both told me to wear a cross around my neck. Which I did.

Not sure if it worked or not. One night was so bad I had to sleep in the bungalo to escape.
Even while driving in my car, I'd get the sensation that it was in there with me.
My cousin said it was a little girl that had clung to me from her house, and found my nice temperament soothing for her in her lost situation.
I didn't really give a hoot actually, I just wanted them Gone! alone!
I was on the verge of a nervous and probably mental breakdown the lack of sleep was killing me. Something had to be done or changed.
I'd never worried myself about the spooks up until this point because they never hurt me psychologically before.
But now I wanted them and whatever I could feel gone.

It took years to get over that experience. Sometimes even thinking about it would bring something on. So I had to learn to completely ignore everything and make rules not to talk at night about that kind of stuff.
In between that "getting over it stage"  we bought a house and I had to move into it by myself until we were married.
Both our Parents (not my Mother) my Father, was old fashioned and we had to be married first before living together. I know why people do it beforehand now. A lot of time and money can be saved.
So being in there all alone at night wasn't easy, but the house was ok.
Once married it was better.

The experiences I had there was the sinking in my bed feeling. Each night I had my eye's closed, but I could see the curtains and window and walls all going upwards away from me until it was like looking through a long tunnel and seeing my bedroom at the end of it.
I did this so often that one night I went so far I got scared I may not come back from the depths. And had to open my eyes and be back in the bed. That may have been astral travel, but I went the wrong way!
A couple of times I'd wake up with what they call "Sleep paralysis"
I'd believe in that if it wasn't for the fact that my right hand that was hanging out of the bed was being held in a "Monkey grip" And my left wrist was being held down to the bed by something very strong, and the weight lying on my chest eventually forced me to summon all my strength to sit up with a loud "uugghhh" sound.
My ex asked if I was ok and I said just a dream go back to sleep.

I know my Son saw something in that house when he was very young too. We have him on video. Must get a copy of that.
After twelve years in that house and getting divorced, I ended up buying my own house. Another oldie but a goody lol. Something is here now and then but doesn't annoy me as much. Possibly because I can't be bothered with it anymore. The usual white orbs through my face and sometimes banging on the wall. "piss off" they hear me now I think lol.


My daughter saw a very large head size orange orb in my lounge room during the day. We were all in there too, her, my Son and myself. Only she saw it. I told her I see blue orbs sometimes. And not to worry about them.

The company I work for at the time when I was doing bathroom renovations, I did a job for this older couple of Women and they told me they had a mischievous ghost that would take their keys or lipstick or some things and hide them. But they'd yell and curse at it to bring them back. Which it did in most cases.
Anyhow I was working away and they I asked them where does it usually hang around? in the house?
They responded with in one room which was locked at the time. I think it was one of the Women's  bedrooms. But she said in the front of this room is a cold spot. I stood in this area thinking I could still feel if something was there like I used to do in the early days. Since I was feeling a bit gutsy. But nothing. Were they pretending just to spook me out?

Later that day they had to go out and I was still working for another hour at least. So I said I'd stay there until they got back because I couldn't lock their front door anyhow.
Doing bathroom reno's you're in and out to the van getting tools etc. Back and forth all day.
As I went out to get some tools I heard a sound in the kitchen off to the right of the passage I was in.
I listened intensely and heard the cutlery being played with. The dishes had just been washed and were on the strainer on the sink. I kept walking out to the car and got my tools and went back in to finish off.
That's when I got the cold shivery feeling and knew the Women weren't joking.
I tried to finish that bathroom as quick as I could. I was wiping the floor and applying silicone when I heard footsteps coming down the passage and through the walk in robe and felt a hand on my shoulder. Without turning around I said " I'm nearly finished, just cleaning up" thinking it was the woman who had come back from the shops. To my horror when I turned around, no one was there behind me.

Was probably the fastest I'd ever gathered my tools up and went and waited in my work car until the Women came back for the signature of my paperwork. I also told them there may be some cutlery missing too. :)

The morning my Father died, I was walking into the works factory when I felt someone flicking my ear.
I quickly turned around because some guys at work are practical jokers. But no one was there.
It happened a couple more times then stopped. I didn't think anything of it. About an hour later I was knocking on the clients front door and while waiting for them to answer I felt the ear flicking again a couple of times.
The only person that used to flick my ear was my Father when I had been a naughty boy.
And he was in a aged home with Alzheimer's disease.
An hour after starting work in this clients bathroom and ripping out their tiles etc. I got a phone call from my Mother saying that Dad had passed away an hour ago. I'm pretty sure it was him. RIP Dad.

When my Mother passed away I felt nothing. I was hoping she would see me. But she also knew my thoughts on the subject. So I understand why she didn't visit me. She did however visit my Sister's Son, but he asked her to leave him alone and she did. After we spread her ashes where we spread my Father's ashes, all was peaceful.

I know there are many more experiences that have happened  to me over the past.
As I recall them I'll post here.
Thanks for reading :)