Haunting Help

For those afflicted by Ghosts, Spirits or Entities please see below.   

Through the course of our lives we can sometimes be bothered by the Supernatural, often we are forced to wonder if it is our own sanity or a external force.

For those of you who have a unwanted entity in their life there are ways to remove it,  especially when we do not want to draw attention to ourselves

No one really wants a team of armature Ghostbusters traipsing through their home, filming our inner sanctums.  

Many Ghost investigation teams only want to sensationalize the entity, they search for their own curiosity often accompanied by skeptics.  The investigation itself can antagonize the entity along with empowering its ability.

The investigators equipment can also be a source of energy, often batteries are drained and left dead after close proximity to an entity.

Unless you want your home to be featured on Youtube or perhaps a mainstream TV show you will want discrete help with your situation. 


IUFO can offer FREE advice.  I (MrGreyface) feel strongly that those who can assist with such occurrences should offer their services without charge.

If you require assistance, contact MrGreyface below.