Brian Paton

Hello and welcome to my page.

I am a sky watcher. I record the night sky mainly using night vision equipment 

or low light capable cameras such as the Sony a7s.

I also love watching and recording the Moon using my telescope.

In 2016 I built my own observatory in my backyard by myself to house

my 9 1/4" Celestron cassegrain computerized telescope.

IT took me about 4 weeks to complete the main structure and I'm always changing or upgrading it since then.

In the following videos and pictures I will show you my obsy build and my skywatching equipment.

Please enjoy. 

Any requests for certain Moon area's or Planets, just ask and I'll do my best to record them for you.

Thanks,  Brian.

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Some of the equipment I use

The obsy
A7s and gen3
This is business
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My New Gear

My gear 2

My gear 4 New EQ6t Pro mount

My gear 3

My gear 1

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