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A little bit about Ufo Joe

Hi there :) I'm just gonna keep this as simple as I can. I was born in '76. I can't remember much about my childhood just because I come from a split family and that affected ,I guess, my thoughts or maybe it's the brain that's trying to suppress something. What I can remember is that throughout my entire life I was attracted to the unknown (no matter what we're talking about). I used to wonder deep into the woods by myself just exploring for no reason, just for the fun of it. By the time I was 12 I started to get interested in Ufos and I started reading books (the old ones) about them and I only found myself more and more interested. It made me wanna research more and more (through reading,

Ufology and Quantum physics

Do UFO's only exist when observed? Is thought a catalyst for manifestation. Electron's behave differently when observed. Our brain is comprised of network of nerve cells, each emitting an electrical pulse, all contributing to a bioelectromagnetic field. Thought is a energy, an energy that has wave form. The frequency of wave form is generated by the strength of bioelectromagnetic field. In the double slit experiment, the electron's behave differently when observed, however the thought wave is propagating an interference pattern of its own, so light particles (Photon's) or wave particles are also electron's as the slit experiment proves, the electron when unobserved exhibits wave form or ph

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