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Orion Nebula

20/11/2016 Approx. 1:30am I filmed this Nebula with my Atik Infinity ccd camera and my 11" Celestron 1100 HD CPC computerized telescope using a Skywatcher 80mm guide scope and an Orion star tracker camera. I'm still learning how to drive it. So I can get a lot better in time to come. (hopefully) :)

A look at what I use to record the Moon.

This is an update from my original build. But not much has changed. All my video's of this build can be seen on youtube under my Barney's Moon Video Channel here

A quick look at Aristarchus Crater

A fuller, longer investigation will be performed on this Crater at a later stage. Don't forget, anyone who knows of or wishes to have an area of the Moon recorded closer, please let me know in the comments section below. :)

A look at unusual markings on the Moon.

In this video I concentrate on a couple of unusual lines on the Moon's surface. If anyone would like an area scrutinized closer, please let me know and I'll record that area for you. The video is a bit dark to start, but gets a bit better. Different contrasts show different details. Enjoy.

Bancroft Crater under the microscope.

This is a 20 minute video of the Crater called Bancroft. It is situated near the larger Crater called Archimedes. Which both are in the Mare Imbrium area. Bancroft crater is the little one in almost dead center of the screen right now.

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