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Some people see things others do not, if we manage to capture them on a camera then it is only then that we can show others what we see, but only as a digital image captured by a device that see's differently to the human eye, but reproduces an image that the “normal's” believe to be a near perfect representation of what was in the field of view at the time of the apparatus being operated. Unfortunately the camera cannot record the atmosphere of the psychic nature of the event. Throughout my life I have seen paranormal and UFO related "things" not always ocular images, sometimes the image is produced in my minds eye, as one would picture a memory, but with more detail. As this occurs the im

Some extra editing by MrGreyface of the object next to the Star Nunki.

Both MrGreyface and myself (Brian Paton) are trying to work out what this object is. What we do know is that it's not a Satellite, or if it is, it's unlisted. A Satellite check has been performed. It's not a fuel dump by a Satellite, cause it's not a Satellite :) It's not a Supernova because they have an initial explosion followed by hrs or even days of dispersion. It's also not a Comet for the same reasons as a Supernova. It's been suggested it could be a water droplet on the lens. I find this highly impossible, as the water droplet would have to be minuscule. Also neighboring Stars are not effected by the droplet. But having said that, I will be doing a water droplet and water mist test on

Something odd appears next to the Star Nunki.

Recorded in night vision. 27/9/2016 Facing West about 80 degrees up. I have no idea what this is. I don't even know if it's in our Atmosphere or not. Any idea's or answers are welcomed in the comment section below. Thanks.

A Sun transit of a triangular shaped object

Recorded with a Meade Coronado solarmax 60 Hydrogen Alpha bf10 solar telescope into an orion starshoot all in one usb astro camera. The bird in it, is an example of how least amount of space the Sun actually takes up in the sky. I think 2 arc seconds. The same as the Moon. I'm using a 36mm eyepiece.

Several light streaks recorded within 8 minutes

Several flashes or streaks of light captured in the skies from Narre Warren Melbourne Australia. This video contains 4 out of a total of 15 I've captured over several nights. I'm recording with a Luna Optics digital night vision monocular. Model LN-DM50-HRSD No one seems to know what they are. And usually there is a lot of satellite activity in the area as well.

A bright flash over the Moon's Surface

This flash was recorded over the Moon's face on 19th August 2016 while filming in infrared. Having contacted NASA's Meteor Lunar impact monitoring program called "Marshall space flight center" I received an email from the head supervisor Robert Suggs stating that the flash was not from a Meteor impacting the Moon's surface. But was possibly a reflection from a satellite. Dave Greg an amateur Astronomer from New Zealand, loaded up a very large database of satellites and space junk into his starry night program to check if there were any satellites etc. transiting the Moon's surface in my area at that precise time that night. But nothing showed up 20 minutes either side of the time recorded.


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An unusual sighting

In 2013 I saw several ufo's in the sky all heading in the same direction. NNW I have never seen anything like this ever again. Here is a link to the video I took of it on my google drive which is in better quality, Or a link to my yt acc.


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